Lamp Finial Frequently Asked Questions

Q-How do I know what thread size I need for my lamp finial.

A-There are basically 2 different thread sizes for most lamps.

1. The most common is Harp thread which is 1/4-27 (threaded solid stud 1/4" diameter)

2. Nipple/pipe thread which is 1/8 IP (hollow threaded tube 3/8" diameter)


Some large floor lamps and other lamps that accommodate heavy shades, such as Tiffany shades, may require the larger 1/4 IP thread (hollow threaded tube 1/2" diameter)


Q-Can I change the thread size of a lamp finial.

A-Yes, there are various adapters and reducers that will allow you to change the thread size of a finial.  The following are a few examples:


1. 1/8 IP (3/8" diam) to 1/4-27 thread reducer...

Designed to screw into a lamp finial that has the larger 1/8 IP threading and reduce it down to standard 1/4-27 Harp thread.

2. 1/8 IP (3/8" diam) to 1/4-27 thread adapter...

Converts 1/8 IP thread to standard 1/4-27 Harp thread with 1/2" long threaded stud for lamp finials